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Pomelo Tee

Rules of Play


The Tournament is open to all golfers who are at least 21 years old and above and they must be bona fide members of golf clubs. Lady golfers are qualified to play and will tee-off at the red tee markers of all holes except on par-3 holes.

A. The Tournament shall be for 36 holes and such will be a team event of two (2) players per team.
B. The system of scoring shall be stableford.
C. The maximum handicap applicable is 24.


Withdrawal must be made in writing to the Tournament Committee and must be received on or before April 20, 2007. A team who withdraws without notifying the Tournament Committee in accordance with the above procedure shall still be liable for payment of the necessary entry fees.


The player's golf handicap as of April 2007 and the name of the issuing golf club must be stated in the entry form. Where a player is a member of more than one golf club, the lowest handicap must prevail. Participating players from golf clubs outside Davao City must bring handicap certification from their home clubs.

The maximum handicap is 24.

A player who does not have a golf handicap will be allowed to join the tournament, however his handicap will be ZERO.


Play shall start simultaneously from tee# 1 to tee# 18. The first group on each tee shall tee-off at 6:00 AM and the second group shall tee-off at 11:00 AM.

The list of flight pairings will be prepared in advance by the Tournament Committee and will be available at the Rancho Palos Verdes Golf & Country Club.


If a player is late, play shall start without him. The late player is not disqualified. He gets no points on the holes that he missed and he will be allowed to join his group on the tee of the next hole where his scheduled flight pairing will play.


If a player's next stroke is for a net double bogey already, he must pick up his ball and refrain from playing the particular hole to avoid a team penalty of two (2) points.


A player's umbrella carrier must not do any of the following acts:

a. Handle the player's golf club or golf ball.
b. Give advice to the player.
c. Drive player's golf car.


An ample number of golf cars are available on a format of two players per golf car. RPVGCC members with personally owned golf cars are urged to accommodate their respective partners for camaraderie. More so, this will also make more RPVGCC golf cars available for the use of those that will rent.


One player in each team shall be assigned as marker to record the scores of the players of the opposing team. The marker shall record the player's gross scores after each hole. Only the Tournament Committee will convert gross scores to stableford points.

To avoid penalties, the players are reminded to:
a. Check his hole-by-hole score for accuracy.
b. Settle any doubtful points with the Committee.
c. Ensure that his marker has signed the card.
d. Countersign the score card himself, and
c. Return the accomplished score cards to the Committee as soon as possible.


Ties shall be settled by matching scorecards and determining the winner on the basis of total points earned on the 2nd day of the teams best aggregate scores starting from holes # 18 to # 10 (the last nine holes). If still tied, the last 6 holes starting from holes # 18 to # 13. If still tied, the last 3 holes starting from holes # 18 to #16. If still tied, a toss coin procedure will be undertaken.


The Team Competition will have awards as follow:
a. Champion
b. 1st Runner Up
c. 2nd Runner Up

The Individual Competition will have awards as follows:
a. Overall Gross Champion
b. Overall Net Champion
c. Gross Champion for Class A, B and C
d. Gross Runner Up for Class A, B and C
e. Net Champion for Class A, B and C
f. Net Runner Up for Class A, B and C

* The individual classifications are as follows:

Class A----------0-10
Class B----------11-18
Class C----------19-24


The Tournament shall be conducted in accordance with the rules of The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of Saint Andrews, the Republic of the Philippines Golf Association and the local rules of Rancho Palos Verdes Golf & Country Club, Inc. The local rules will prevail over all other rules of golf.


The Organizing and Tournament Committees reserve the right to amend the tournament rules and prizes at any time prior to the start of the tournament. All announcements will be posted at the starter's kiosk at the day of the tournament.


Copyright 2007 Pomelo Tee Invitational Golf Tournament

Pomelo Tee Invitational Golf Tournament
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Brgy. Mandug & Indangan, Buhangin Dist., Davao City

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